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Why Go Solar?

Financially Wise:

With the way electric rates have been rising, there has never been a better time than now to adopt a solar electic system into your home.  You have a choice right here, right now.  You can continue to rent your energy from a utility company, or you can begin creating your own energy with a solar photovoltaic sysetm, and begin saving your "energy rent payment" each and every month from here on out. 

At Oak Island, not only will we walk you through the process of adding a solar electric system to your home, but we will also provide you with any financing you may need in order to make this monumental change.  With the help of our finance partners, we will share with you the possibility of entering into a positive cash flow situation from day one of your investment.  

By allowing us to install a solar electric system on your home today, you will immediately increase the value of your home, even if you pay for your system by tapping into the equity of your home!  Essentially, you will be placing the equity of your home right back onto your rooftop, with a lifetime of energy savings ahead.

Adding a solar electric system to your home today and gaining ownership in your energy is a financially wise decision today!  

Environmentally Wise:

Over its 35-year expected life, a 10 kW system will provide the equivalent CO2 reduction as planting 1450 trees. (Based on typical utility pollution, it will prevent emissions of 963,125 lbs of carbon dioxide, 4,237 lbs of sulfur dioxide, and 1,364 lbs of nitrogen oxides.) It will produce 575,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, as much as would be generated by burning 583,000 lbs of coal.

Take responsibility for the quality of our air and our beautiful oceans and help our planet release itself from its dependence on fossil fuels. 

Solar power is renewable and pure.

Solar power is environmentally wise!
How Does It Work?

As certain types of materials are exposed to sunlight, they give off small amounts of electricity releasing what is referred to in the scientific world as the "photovoltaic effect."

Solar panels generate solar energy when sunlight (composed of photons) shine down on a solar panel.  When striking a PV cell on the solar panel, these photons are then transferred to an electron in a cell's atom.  The electron, with a newfound energy, is removed from its standard position on the atom and becomes a part of the current in an electrical curcuit. With the special electrical properties of the PV cell, voltage is provided that pushes the current through a television set, air conditioning system, or radio. 

The solar energy that is generated by solar photovoltaic panels when sunlight shines upon a solar cell is what powers a home. The DC power generated via the solar panels is then converted to AC power through an inverter. This AC power that is deliverd from the inverter is what powers your home or office building.  With the help of the sun and the solar panels on your home, it is quite possible to completely eliminate your electric bill.

                                                   source: British Photovoltaic Association

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