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It's Time To Go GREEN!

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After many years of serving San Diego County homeowners as a leader in high efficiency home heating and air conditioning systems, we have taken the next obvious step to continue our operation as a "green" company.  Oak Island now offers solar electric systems for the home.  Adopting solar has never made more sense than it does now.  It's both wise financially and environmentally in so many ways.  A solar electric system for your home would be a significant step toward your personal energy independence.

Oak Island is honored to have the opportunity to share the solar benefits with our neighbors throughout southern California.  Rebates and tax credits are still available, so now is the time to invest in solar electricity.  We will assist you from the initial survey to flipping the solar switch to spin you meter backwards, which can result in a dramatically reduced electric bill.

With our financing options available, your monthly payment for your system will be offset by your electric bill savings.  Why not start writing the check to yourself and put that money into the value of your home rather than giving it to your local utility company? 
It's time to save money. 

It's time to go green.

It's time to go solar!

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